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Living on campus is a great part of the college experience. We offer a variety of housing options. While most rooms are single occupancy, there are some designated double rooms (larger floor plan) available. Learn more about on-campus living by visiting our campus, taking a virtual tour, viewing our videos and checking out the floor plans and room layouts.

Residence Hall Areas

SIU Campus has two residence halls, West Campus and East Campus.West Campus is located next to Campus Lake and Thompson Woods. East Campus is located near the Student Recreation Center and the Student Health Center. Both locations offer both single and double occupancy rooms, common areas, and dining halls. Learn more about what each area has to offer.

Living Learning Communities

Our Living Learning Communities offer students the chance to live with others who share similar majors or interests.

My Room

Find out what's included in your room, where the laundry facilities are located, how to get connected to campus wifi, your new address, and more.

Moving In

Moving to campus is exciting! We want to make your move to campus life as smooth as possible, and offer assistance for students during move in weekend. Find out what to pack for your move to campus, dining options during move in weekend, and view the move in schedule.

Moving Out

Find out closing dates and procedures for moving out of your residence hall room.


University Housing provides more than 2,000 programs each year, ranging from social to academic to professional development.

These programs are free to students and expose students to new ideas.

Room Selection

Eligible students may select their own room during the room selection period. The earlier you contract, the earlier you may select your room. Returning students may select their room immediately after completing the University Housing contract.

Tips for a Successful Suitemate Relationship

Break Housing

University Housing offers many housing options for scheduled academic breaks, including Summer Housing options, Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.