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SIU Residence Halls

Whats Included

Our double-occupancy rooms include:

  • 2 twin extra-long beds (36” x 80”), requiring twin extra-long sheets
  • 2 desks and chairs
  • 2 wastebaskets
  • 2 dressers/cabinets
  • 2 closets or wardrobes
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Ceiling light
  • Shower curtain liner (provided for all residence hall showers)
  • Sink and mirror (sinks and mirrors in University Hall are located in the community restrooms)
  • Smoke detector
  • Tile floor (University Hall rooms on floors 2-4 are carpeted.)
  • Windows with curtains
  • Wireless Internet service


Each residence hall bed can be lofted, which is similar to placing the bed on stilts. Many beds are already lofted for you. If your bed is not lofted when you move in, you may check out a free lofting kit at distribution points during move in or throughout the year.

Each bed is also bunkable, which stacks one bed above the other. Bunking equipment may be checked out from the Housekeeping Office at no charge.

Unlofted beds in the lowest position have approximately 11 inches of space from the bottom of the mattress to the floor.

Lofting and Bunking Instructions

Campus Fridges Etc.

Campus Fridges Etc. is the sole provider for leasing Microfridges and other items to enhance your residence hall room. Please watch the following video, or click their logo to learn more.