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SIU Living Learning Communities


Living Learning Communities, or LLCs, are one of many ways we support the personal development and academic success of our residents. LLCs offer students the chance to live with others who share similar majors or interests. LLCs also give students the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff. Research has linked LLC participation to higher GPAs, increased student engagement, and improved graduation rates.

Each LLC is unique, allowing students, faculty and staff to tailor their experience. Faculty involvement may include programs, shared meals in the dining halls, presentations in the residence halls, tutoring and mentoring. Some LLCs may also offer special equipment or research materials.

If you would like to add or renew an LLC, click here.

*The LLC Proposal DEADLINE for any New LLCs or LLCs with location changes or additions is October 1st.*


For general LLC information, contact the University Housing Education & Outreach office at (618) 453-3889.

Academic LLC's

SIU offers a range of academic-focused living learning communities, from business to automotive to liberal arts. Live on campus with students studying in the same academic program as you.

Themed LLC's

Live in a campus community with other students that share the same interests as you.


If You are Eligible to Select Your Own Room 
You will have the option to choose any LLC or non-LLC space for which you are eligible, provided space is available. See below for instructions on how to meet eligibility requirements. You will not be able to join an LLC until your Room Selection date and time.

If You Will Be Assigned a Room 
You will be able to indicate a preference for an LLC.

View Room selection and assignment information.


Students must meet eligibility requirements for an LLC (or have an exception from the contact person listed on the LLC page) in order to reside in the LLC. Eligibility varies by LLC. Our LLC program is reviewed and updated annually, which may lead to changes to designations, locations, programming, etc.