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SIU Move In

Moving In - Apartments

Moving in can be both fun and exhausting, but we’ve worked with our students and staff to make the process more efficient.

We offer suggestions on what to bring and what to leave at home, preparations you might need to make, move-in times, and more.



Move In Schedule

Check In - Move-in dates vary by apartment area. More information is below. Your Student ID is required to check in. You may wish to bring a hand cart with you to move your belongings.

Wall & Grand Apartments

To check in, go to the front desk of Cedar Hall (Bldg. 1) during the scheduled check-in time listed below and complete your paperwork to receive your keys and fob. Your Student ID is required to check in. If you will be moving in after the scheduled check-in period, please contact the Wall & Grand front desk.

  • FALL: Fall check in is the Thursday - Sunday before classes begin, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • SPRING: Spring check-in (for new students moving to campus during this semester) is on the Saturday before classes begin, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Returning students will get instructions from their RA.

Direct check-in questions to the Wall & Grand front desk at 618-536-2014 or to the Residence Life Office at 618-453-3318.

Evergreen Terrace & Elizabeth Apartments

After you contract, you'll receive an apartment assignment with your move-in date. You'll then contact the Area Office to schedule your move-in appointment. During your scheduled move-in appointment, go to the Area Office to pick up your keys and start the check-in process. Your Student ID is required to check in. You may wish to bring a hand cart with you to move your belongings. To avoid fines, do not drive on the lawn at any time.


Helpful Tips

The tips below will help your move-in experience go a bit more smoothly and help you more easily acclimate to campus life. The biggest tip for our residents is to read the material provided and ask questions if you're unsure of the answers. We're here to help!


You will need to get a parking decal from the SIU Parking Division. Be sure to park only in lots for which you have a decal to avoid receiving a ticket or being towed. The Parking Division provides a parking map online that shows lots and required decals.

Wall & Grand Apartments 
A special decal is required for on-site parking at Wall & Grand. Please discuss your options with the Parking Division.

Evergreen Terrace 
Once you have your campus parking decal, you will need to go to the Evergreen Terrace Area Office to request an Evergreen Terrace parking decal. Evergreen Terrace parking decal restrictions and guidelines are located in the Resident Handbook.

Student ID Cards

The ID Card office is located in the Student Center and is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Lost cards should be reported by logging into SalukiNet or by calling the ID Card Office at 618-536-3351.

Getting Connected

Get your computer ready before you arrive to campus and learn more about internet and other services on our apartments "Getting Connected" page.

Smoking Policy

SIU is a smoke-free campus. Learn more by clicking here.