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Room Selection & Assignments

SIU Housing Policy
View the SIU Housing Policy by clicking here.

Floor Designations
A list of floor designations for the residence halls is available here.

New Spring Students

New students entering SIU for the Spring semester who contract for housing will be assigned a room and roommate.

New Fall 2018 Students

Fall 2018 Students who contract Dec. 1, 2017 to Jun. 30, 2018
Students who contract during this period are eligible to select their own room. The earlier they contract, the earlier they may select their room. Students may change their room selection online through June 30. Room selection dates will be posted in the housing portal in the spring. Click here to log into the portal.

Students who contract Jul. 1, 2018 or later
Students who contract on or after July 1 will be assigned a room.

Availability of Rooms
Returning students select their rooms before new students, which means many spaces will be full before new students even begin selecting their rooms. In addition, many areas or rooms have specific eligibility requirements (i.e. restricted Living Learning Communities). While we have plenty of space for our new students, they may not get their first choice, regardless of when they complete their contract or select their room. New students need to be flexible their first year but will be able to select their room before the following year's new students when they renew their contract. Students who fail to select a room will have one assigned to them by our staff.

Room Selection Steps
To select a room, eligible students (those who contracted during the appropriate periods listed above) should follow the steps below. If their first choice isn't available, they should still select a different room or one will be assigned to them. Students may make changes to their room selection while the online room selection is available.

  • STEP 1: Log into the University Housing Portal on your assigned room selection date.
  • STEP 2: Click "Room Search" at the top of the screen.
  • STEP 3: Search for available rooms - you can either click "search" to see all available rooms for which you are eligible or you can search by “Room Type”, “Location”, “Living Learning Community” and/or “Number of Available Beds”.
  • STEP 4: View rooms with vacancies for which you are eligible. To request an exception to Living Learning Community (LLC) requirements, contact the individual listed on the specific LLC page. Exceptions are at the discretion of the LLC contact and are not guaranteed.
  • STEP 5: Out of the list of available rooms, click on a specific room to view “Room Details”, including “Room Type”, “Location”, “Floor”, “Eligibility Requirements”, etc.
  • STEP 6: Keep searching or select the room. To select the room, click on a bed and click "Reserve Bed". A confirmation page will be displayed once the reservation is complete.

Students who choose a room that has a person in the other space will be able to view contact info for that person and can communicate with that person to determine compatibility. Students can move from room to room, depending on space availability, while looking for a good match.

Once the student has selected a room or is assigned a room, it's time to reach out to the roommate and begin building a relationship. A successful roommate relationship begins with communication. Learn how to be a great roommate here.


Returning students may select their room immediately after completing the University Housing contract. Double rooms are available. Click here to view rates.

The profile of a prospective roommate is viewable when you select a room, provided the other space(s) have also been selected. If the profile isn't a good match, you may select a different room. If you wish to live with a new student, please contact us for assistance. The first few days of the contract renewal period allow students to reserve their current room, pending eligibility and availability. View floor designations to determine if any changes have been made. We then open room selection to any available room. These dates are posted throughout the areas and are emailed to current students. Students must meet eligibility requirements for the area, building or room that they select. Current students who contract but do not select a room will be assigned a room and roommate in late summer. NOTE: Students who choose a room that has a person in the other space will be able to view contact info for that person and can communicate with that person to determine compatibility. Students who choose a room with a double vacancy may be assigned a roommate or reassigned to another room unless they select another room with someone in the other space or a single room.


Contract cancellation information is available here.