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Apartments FAQs

How do I contract for an apartment?
You may apply for an apartment online once you're admitted to the University, provided you meet eligibility requirements and provided the application is open. A contract will be offered to you, based on availability and eligibility.

What should I pack?
We've developed a suggested packing list that should help make your packing a bit easier.

Are cable and Internet provided?
They are provided with Wall & Grand Apartments and in Evergreen Terrace Undergraduate Apartments but are not included in our other apartment areas. Cable and/or Internet for Evergreen Terrace Graduate and Family Apartments or Elizabeth Apartments may be obtained by the student through a local independent provider.

Is my housing Financial Aid eligible? Yes. Financial aid is applied first to tuition charges, then to fees, and lastly to housing charges.

Do I pay my Housing monthly? No. Housing charges are posted to the Student Account for the entire semester. Fall semester is August through December 31, Spring is January through May 31, and Summer is June and July.

If I move into my apartment during the month, do I pay for that entire month? No. Rent is pro-rated based on the move in date.

Can I make my prepayment with cash? Cash is not accepted. Credit card, personal check, or money order are the only forms of payment accepted.

Do we recommend any off-campus apartments? University Housing does not provide, sponsor, approve of, partner with, or inspect off-campus housing.