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Contracts & Terms FAQs

Am I eligible to live on campus?
You are eligible for University Housing if you have been admitted to SIU Carbondale and will be a full-time student. Eligibility requirements vary by area.

Am I required to live on campus?
Living on campus has been shown to help students do better academically and get more involved. Most of our first-year students are required to live on campus. Our upperclassman students are invited to live on campus. The SIU Carbondale Student Housing Policy offers more details regarding who is required to live on campus.

How do I contract for a residence hall?
You contract to live in a residence hall online. Dates and times depend on which semester you will be attending SIU Carbondale. Typically, the earlier your contract (once the contract opens), the more choices you have of where to live. Visit our Residence Hall Contracts page for more information.

How do I apply for an apartment?
You can apply for an apartment once you are admitted to the University, provided you meet eligibility requirements for the apartment area.

Will my financial aid cover my housing costs?
Financial Aid packages vary from student to student. If a student is offered and accepts a financial aid award including scholarship(s), grants, and loans, that does cover all costs for tuition and fees, the remainder is applied towards housing (excluding Federal Work Study). For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office web site.

How are room selections handled?
Students entering SIU Carbondale in the Fall will receive an email AFTER they have completed a contract that tells them when they are eligible to select their room. Students who contract after March or who do not reserve a room online during their room selection period will be assigned a room. Students entering SIU Carbondale in the Spring and Summer semesters will be assigned a room.

How do I cancel my contract?
You must cancel your contract by completing the online Cancellation Form prior to the first day of classes or prior to accepting a key to your room or checking in. Charges will apply. Please refer to the Contract Terms for more information.

What do I do if I’m moving out of my residence hall?
Residence hall students should make an appointment with their Resident Assistant to arrange to check out. Failure to check out properly can result in an improper check-out charge, plus charges for any keys not returned. Refer to the residence halls Contract Terms for more information. Checking out prior to the contract ending date is considered a termination of contract.