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ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) LLC

Abbott Hall, 3rd floor, West Campus

Eligibility: The ROTC LLC is open to cadets in the Army or Air Force ROTC program.

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Living Learning Community is designed to support students who are involved or wish to be involved in the ROTC program. This LLC is a community of students interested in gaining a commission as an officer in the US military. The community provides cadets with opportunities to further their self-preparation in the areas of leadership development, professional knowledge, and military proficiency.

This community helps cadets build strong relationships with fellow cadets, mentors, and leaders. Through the LLC, cadets will have access to support networks and mentors within the ROTC program, and they will establish life-long relationships to help them professionally and personally through their military careers.

Cadets will participate in physical training and social opportunities, along with sharing common courses. While living in the ROTC LLC, students will be exposed to traditions, customs, and the culture of each military service. Cadets will also participate in experiential learning such as historical site visits, team-building activities, and networking with alumni.

Participants will have access to on-site advising, a designated meeting room, study groups, and tutoring, as well as, mentoring by upper-class ROTC cadets.

If you have questions about eligibility or would like more information about a specific LLC, contact the individual listed below. For general LLC information, contact the University Housing Education & Outreach office at 618.453.7535 or email at


Army ROTC, CPT Brad Kerfoot, (618) 453-5786,
Air Force ROTC, (618) 453-2481,