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Engineering Living Learning Community

Bailey Hall, West Campus

Eligibility: Freshmen engineering students are required to live on campus in one of two engineering-only residence halls in West Campus. Sophomore engineering students are encouraged to live in the Engineering LLC, but it is not required. Requests for exceptions may be addressed to the College of Engineering.

This community provides the basis for creating a strong peer network among students. The Engineering LLC creates a supportive environment for students both academically and socially. Students form study groups, attend engineering sections of some required classes, become involved in engineering design competitions, and attend college-sponsored events. This early experience provides the confidence and peer networking needed for success both academically and professionally.

The Engineering Living Learning Community is open to all students with majors in the College of Engineering, including:

  • Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical and Mining Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Management and Applied Engineering
  • All Pre-Engineering Majors

If you have questions about eligibility or would like more information about a specific LLC, contact the individual listed below. For general LLC information, contact the University Housing Education & Outreach office at 618.453.7535 or email at


Tarnisha Green, 618.536.2463 or