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Diversity Dialogue Project

The Premise

The goal of the diversity dialogue project is to create conversation around topics of diversity and inclusion. Through this film series, residents will be challenged to learn and engage by seeing other students engage in positive conversation around difference. Conversations around diversity are not always easy; they require a student to step out of their normal identities and try to actively empathize with a person that might be incredibly different from them. While difficult, the hope of the diversity dialogue project is to make this conversation much easier.

Video Breakdown

Each video lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes and includes two SIU students asking questions around a different topic surrounding difference. Participants were asked to both answer the question from their personal experiences and from the context of an SIU student.

Cis/Trans Dialogue

(Featuring Lishon Carpenter, Matthew Krawcyk)

Video Synopsis:In this conversation, Lishon and Matthew engage in a active dialogue around difference in gender and gender identity.
Runtime: 12:11

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LGB Dialogue

(Featuring Jimmy Howell, Jabreea Harris)

Video Synopsis: This video shows Jimmy and Jabreea having a dialogue centered around the LGB community. It includes places some useful definitions, myth busting facts, and creates a space to understand a growing community.
Runtime: 8:25

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(Featuring Briana Mcadory, Emma Wallender)

Video Synopsis: The idea of a person having "privilege" is inciting conversation on social media, television, and on college campuses across the country. Briana and Emma take on this controversial topic, putting a personal spin on what privilege means to them in the process.
Runtime: 12:38

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(Featuring Shawnika Strong, Erika Mendia Trevino)

Video Synopsis: Using their own individual journey's as guides, Shawnika and Erika explore the topic of prejudice, bias, and the impact that stereotypes have on others.
Runtime: 13:06

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