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Before You Pack

We've worked with residents to develop packing lists to get you started. These lists are not exhaustive - we're sure you'll come up with other items to bring to your apartment. Items on the packing list are suggested, not recommended.

  • The apartments packing list is below.
  • The residence halls packing list is here.

Before you buy anything for your apartment, we recommend you read the Resident Handbook for prohibited items, policies and procedures. We've provided a quick look of prohibited items in the “what to leave at home list” below.

You should also read "What's Included in Your Apartment" for a list of furnishings and amenities that come with your apartment.

What Should You Leave at Home?

A list of items not permitted on campus is available in the Resident Handbook.

What Should You Pack?

NOTE: Unless otherwise designated, the items listed below are recommended for all apartments. Listed items already provided by University Housing are designated below by area, i.e. W&G for Wall & Grand, ETGF for Evergreen Terrace Graduate & Family Housing and ETU for Evergreen Terrace Undergraduate Designated apartments.

Kitchen Items

  • can opener
  • cookware (pots, pans and baking dishes)
  • dishes
  • dish towels and dish soap
  • door mat
  • groceries
  • microwave (provided in W&G)
  • silverware and cooking utensils (spatula)
  • small table and chairs set (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • tea/coffee pots
  • trashcan

Living Room Items

  • cable connector
  • TV/DVD player/gaming system
  • couch or futon (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • chair (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • coffee table (provided in W&G)
  • end table (provided in W&G)
  • area rug and door mat
  • window coverings (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • lamps and light bulbs

Bedroom Items

  • alarm clock
  • bed(s) (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • bedding - sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases (XL twin sheets recommended for W&G and ETU)
  • clothing (including a nice outfit for interviews and class presentations and seasonal attire - coat, hat, scarf, gloves, rainboots, etc.)
  • desk (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • desk chair (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • desk lamp (provided in ETU)
  • dresser (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • hangers
  • night stand
  • room decorations (Before decorating, ensure decorations are in compliance with the Resident Handbook.

Bathroom Items

  • personal hygiene products
  • bath mat
  • shower curtain (provided in W&G and ETU)
  • toilet paper
  • towels and washcloths

Miscellaneous Items

  • back pack
  • calculator
  • camera
  • cell phone & charger
  • cleaning supplies – including mop and mop bucket and broom with dust pan
  • computer (computer labs are located throughout campus)
  • documents needed for employment (Driver's License, Social Security Card, Passport, etc.)
  • fan
  • flashlight w/batteries
  • first aid kit
  • iron/ironing board
  • laundry supplies (basket, soap, fabric softener)
  • lamps and lightbulbs
  • personal property insurance
  • power strip(s)
  • rug/carpet (Living room rug and bedroom carpeting provided in ETU)
  • school supplies
  • study/reading lamp (non halogen)
  • telephone (if activating phone line)
  • umbrella/rain coat/snow boots/sun screen
  • wireless router (ETU residents ONLY)